About Us

"We pride ourselves on educating clients on complicated tax and financial planning merged with their investing and retirement goals, so anyone can understand them."

Alaska Advisors, Inc is an Alaska Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).  In the financial world an RIA and a broker-dealer often get confused with each other because they both manage client assets.  The difference between an RIA and broker-dealer relates to how they are paid and their responsibility to the client.  The principal difference from an investor’s standpoint is an RIA has a fiduciary responsibility to advise in your specific best interest whereas a broker-dealer has a lower standard (called suitability which can be determined without considering your specific situation or needs).  As an RIA we have signed up for the highest fiduciary responsibility possible in the industry, why wouldn’t we?  We also signed up to never receive a commission or underlying fee other than our fully disclosed fees.  We only get paid what you agree to pay for our services, there are no hidden commissions or fees related to what we recommend.

Alaska Advisors, Inc., is a sister company to Stevens Group CPAs PC (a CPA firm) that has been operating in Alaska since 1987.   After assisting clients for many years with their tax and financial planning needs, we added Alaska Advisors, Inc. to meet our clients demands for asset management services to go along with our tax and financial planning services.  Alaska Advisors, Inc. strives to educate and arm our clients with the knowledge needed to reach their long-term financial goals.  Taxes paid to the IRS may be one of biggest expenses of your lifetime, so when doing financial planning it is crucial to have a tax planning specialist involved every step of the way.  At Alaska Advisors, Inc. your financial advisor, Rhen Stevens, specializes in maximizing client’s net worth through both, tax and financial planning.  Our team also includes a back office of CPAs from Stevens Group CPAs, PC to help our clients achieve their ultimate financial goals and provide tax support services.