Divorcees, Widows, & Widowers

"We pride ourselves on educating clients on complicated tax and financial planning issues, so anyone can understand them."

When traumatic life events happen, it can thrust one into areas they are totally unfamiliar with.  At Alaska Advisors & Stevens Group CPAs divorcees, widows and widowers can have confidence coming to one office to understand and increase their financial wellbeing through financial and tax planning.  We do not deploy a “trust us” mentality with our clients, we educate our clients and pride ourselves on being able to explain in English (layman’s terms) how financial planning, taxes, and a retirement cash flow work together to maximize financial wellbeing to our clients.

Whether you have an extensive financial education or no financial education, we have the ability to get our clients up to speed on their financial wellbeing and retirement outlook, so they have the confidence to enjoy their hard-earned money throughout their lifetime.  Through education we give our clients the ability to focus on their family and happiness instead of stressing over their finances.

There are many overlooked tax planning opportunities for divorcees, widows and widowers that we can capture through our overlapping services with Stevens Group CPAs, PC.