Retirement cash flow planning

"Simply maximizing your company retirement plans is likely not enough to meet your retirement goals."

Gone are the days of a guaranteed pension from your company to support you throughout retirement.  We now live in a world where most everyone is responsible for their own retirement and relying on social security is not enough.  Maximizing your company retirement deferrals is also often not adequate to reach your retirement goals; this can be overlooked or not understood as many people assume by maximizing their 401k that they have “done all they need to”.  At Alaska Advisors we help clients build a long-term retirement cash flow plan to execute on accumulation (saving) for retirement as well as disbursement of funds (spending) during retirement.

Our clients have a clear picture of what is needed to reach their retirement goals and clear expectations of what their financial assets will provide for them in retirement.  We avoid complicated and often misunderstood tools as a standalone measure (such as a Monte Carlo analysis).  At Alaska Advisors Inc. we do not deploy a “trust us” mentality with our clients, we work closely with our clients, so they understand their retirement cash flow plan and help them execute on their plan throughout their lives.

Many retiree’s think the top of the mountain (retirement) is the pinnacle, but an equally dangerous part is descending the mountain (i.e. spending your money in retirement).  That is where tax planning and financial planning can excel when combined.  Clients often think tax planning is complete and irrelevant during their retirement years, but where to withdraw money from (using low brackets), how to execute on economic decisions, and maximizing opportunities the IRS provides with constantly changing tax laws make tax planning throughout your retirement years a crucial part of your financial plan and yearly execution.  Through Stevens Group CPAs tax planning and compliance services we can stay on top of our goal to maximize our retiree’s cash flow while keeping client cost low through our service bundling packages, DON’T NEGLECT THE DESCENT!