Our Service, Your Value

"We pride ourselves on educating clients on complicated tax and financial planning merged with their investing and retirement goals, so anyone can understand them."

At Alaska Advisors Inc. we are in the unique position to offer proactive full service financial and tax services as a package deal.  Our investment management fees are competitive and usually lower than our competition, including all stated and unstated fees our competition deploys, while you also get access to proactive CPAs for tax preparation and tax planning services.  Our financial advice is contemplated from both a financial perspective and tax perspective, all bundled under a consolidated and reduced fee for qualifying clients. 

Clients will frequently call their financial advisor for advice on a transaction and both the client and advisor completely overlook the tax aspect of the transaction, unknowingly eroding their wealth while never contacting the CPA until it’s complete.  By working with Alaska Advisors Inc. your questions are addressed from both perspectives and you do not need to worry about who to call or if you’ll get a bill for CPA services if you’re under our bundled service packages.

Stevens Group CPAs (www.stevensgroupcpas.com) provides our tax planning and tax compliance services as part of bundled packages with Alaska Advisors Inc. investment services for qualifying clients.  This means for similar or lower fees that clients generally pay their financial advisor they will receive full access and service from a CPA firm for their tax planning and tax preparation needs. With the vast overlap in planning needs our services provide value to our clients, all in one location.